How Do I Save My Company's Cash By Using Trade?

Sounds too good to be true, is it?

There are a couple of ways to look at the cash savings benefits by using Trade.

First and most simple if you are spending Trade (that you earn from extra business you get from the Trade Exchange Canada network) then that is cash that you are not spending (and are therefore saving)

For example if you need to build a new website for your company and you are able to spend 5000 Trade Dollars on it instead of cash that is money you save immediately. Your cash stays in your bank account and you use your Trade bank account to pay for it.

If you break down the advantages of Trade even further you find that when you buy things you are actually buying retail at your whole sale cost.

For example for a restaurant that goes and spends 10,000 Trade Dollars on something they need they find that their actual cash outlay is approximately $3000 because of what it cost them to earn their Trade.

Trade Exchange Canada can help you assess to bottom line financial return you get by using this powerful tool.

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