Trade Exchange Canada
Suite 216 - 3823 Henning Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5C 6P3
Phone: 604-294-5881
Fax: 604-294-5884

Why Trade?

Trade Exchange Canada is Western Canada’s largest Trading system with 1300 clients all doing business with each other in a multi-directional Trading format.

We help our clients fill their excess capacity, move excess and distressed inventory and bring them new long term clients. This extra revenue is then used to offset existing and future cash expenses thereby paying for these goods and services with their wholesale cost instead of using after tax cash.

Trade Exchange Canada allows leverage the cash economy just can’t offer. “Don’t Pay For It. Trade For It”

New Business

Every year Trade Exchange Canada helps generate millions of dollars of new business for its clients.

Trade Exchange’s network will help source buyers for your excess inventory and available time by marketing it to hundreds of creative, motivated companies looking to spend Trade instead of cash. This additional business will help build an incremental revenue stream that your company can use to help offset your cash expenses.

Reduce Cash Expenses

Trade Exchange Canada helps its clients offset millions of dollars of cash expenses each year by introducing them to businesses that will accept Trade in lieu of cash for their goods and services.

The new business that Trade Exchange Canada brings you is used to offset your existing and future cash expenses allowing these purchases to be made at your wholesale cost instead of with after tax cash.

Interest Free Financing

Trade Exchange Canada offers its clients interest free loans and interest free Trade lines of credit based on the value of the goods and services offered to other Trade Exchange Canada clients.

Clients are able to use these loans to finance existing or new expenses they may not have the existing cash flow to purchase.

Loans are repaid through the new business that Trade Exchange Canada brings to you from our extensive network of quality businesses.

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